The Value Proposition

The Value Proposition

The Goal of the Organization

The goal of every organization is to add value: value to shareholders, customers, employees, and society.

Projects are the actions organizations take to increase the value or your organization. Consider any existing activity within an organization. Each activity costs money and each (hopefully) creates a benefit greater than the cost. The difference between the cost and the benefit is the value that activity adds to the organization's, customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

The Goal of Projects

The goal of each project is to increase the value of some existing activity or to create a new activity.

The goal of each project is to increase organizational value.

Failed projects:

  • Reduce the new value
  • Cost more
  • Reduce morale
The Value Strategist

The Value Strategist is more than my moniker. It’s a way to think about organizations. It's a perspective. It's also a framework that will allow your organization to grow quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.